Christmas greetings

The silence of Bethlehem Night and the warmth of the Bethlehem Stable even today is torn apart by the dramatic cry of pain of injustice and exclusion.

Listening to this scream, people of good will also notice in it the voices of modern refugees and asylum seekers, voices of mothers migrating with their children and trying to protect them from the waters of the Mediterranean, voices of migrants unfairly paid for their work, voices of sexually abused women and orphaned children.

Let this year's empty Christmas table and white wafer become an appeal to all of us to brighten the darkness of the night and undertake specific tasks for the benefit of every refugee and all those who feel excluded.

Let our reflection on the mystery of God's Incarnation open us to the power of an acting God, so that God's Kingdom will be realized on earth right now.

Janusz Balicki
Wojciech Necel
Alina Miselhorn

Christmas 2019 r.

















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