Inter-institute Unit for Migration Research (MZBM) was established on the 1st October 2011. It is part of the Department of History and Social Science incorporating members from the Institutes of Political Science, Sociology and History. The purpose of the Unit is research, the organization of conferences and seminars and preparing publications in migration issues.

The main fields of activity are research on political, social, cultural, and religious aspects of exile and immigration; the monitoring of attitudes within Polish society regarding migrants, especially from other cultures; and the preparation of recommendations for state and ecclesiastical institutions, related to the education of children and adolescents for a multicultural society.

dr hab. prof. UKSW Janusz Balicki

prof. Wojciech Necel
prof. Andrzej Ochocki
prof. Dominik Zamiatała
prof. Waldemar Gliński
prof. Mariusz Chamarczuk
dr. Małgorzata Pawlus
dr. Monika Trojanowska – Strzęboszewska
dr. Marta Luty-Michalak
Agnieszka Baraniecka
Jacek Przygoda

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